Spring Birthday Care Package

Mothers Birthday Care Package Feature

As promised, here is the spring themed care package that I created for my mothers birthday. Last week I shared how to create the blooming letter, which was only part of her present. Dating someone in the military, I found out very quickly how difficult long distance relationships can be. You have to be whiling to put in some extra work. To keep the spark alive, we sent a lot of care packages and letters.

Now that we’re finally together in Mississippi, the challenge of maintaining those long distance relationships with my friends and family still remain. I’m not going to be able to be present for every birthday or celebration. So how do I deal with it? Lots and lots of care packages!

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Blooming Letters

Blooming Letter Feature

Letters are always better when they are blooming beautiful flowers. My mother’s birthday is right around the corner and I wanted to make her something handmade. Unfortunately I will not be in town to celebrate with my family, so a birthday care package will have to do! I’ll share more on how I crafted a spring themed care package next week. First lets start with how to make these easy DIY Blooming Letters. All of my supplies for this project I was able to get at Michael’s.

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Top 15 Pool Floats For Summer

pool float ideas for summer

Living in the south so far has been sunny and 75, and it’s not even summer yet. I know as a Michigander, I will have to get use to hotter summers down here. For those that don’t know, spring in Mississippi is what summer feels like in Michigan. Luckily we have a pool in our backyard, so I decided to start gathering a list of must have pool floats for the summer. They are all so fun but I think I have my eyes on the Pineapple, Ice Pop and Ice Cream Cone! What are your favorites?

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Drink Me I’m Irish

Irish Moscow Mule Feature Image

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. Are you ready for the festivities? If not, here is a tasty drink that is easy to make for friends and family, and for yourself of course! I hope you enjoy.

Moscow mules are by far one of my favorite drinks. It’s fresh, not too sugary and the classic copper mug creates an overall unique experience. Since I am part Irish, (hence the freckles and red hair) I thought it would be fun to add an Irish twist to my favorite drink of choice. So here it goes!

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Lakeside Hiking Trail

Lake Lurleen Feature Image

Two of my goals this year, are to get outside more to enjoy nature and to get back into photography. Living in such a digital world now, it’s easy to get distracted with technology and stay inside. I know for myself, I have been guilty of watching way too much Netflix this past year. This is something I think many of us can relate to. Moving to a new place has given me the opportunity to explore and turn my goals for this year into reality. Last weekend was perfect hiking weather, so me and a friend decided to check out some new trails in Alabama. Continue Reading ›