Location: Little Rock, AR   |   Date: March 24, 2017

One of the best things about dating someone in the military is having friends that live all over the world – giving us the perfect excuse to travel! We love to visit and have our friends show us around their hometown. We recently had some friends move to Little Rock, AR. Buck and I have never been, so we decided to take a weekend trip.

We left Columbus, MS around 1:00 pm. We have taken a couple road trips before, so the drive was not terrible, about 4 hours and 45 minutes. We arrived at our friend’s house around dinner time, which was perfect because we were starving. Before heading to dinner, we had just enough time to receive a quick tour of their home, throw our bags down and snuggle the puppies for a moment.

DINNER :  Heights Taco & Tamale
By far this was one of our favorites places to eat while we were in Little Rock. The interior was hip and funky, with local Tex-Mex inspired dishes. The food and drinks were amazing. Definitely, a unique place to check out if you have never been. I highly recommend getting there early or placing a reservation, unless you want to fight for a spot at the bar while waiting for a table with a frosty margarita in your hand.  Below are some of our favorites.

  • Appetizers –  Melting Pot Cheese Dip, House Guacamole, and three Tamales
  • Main Dish – Pulled Pork Tacos and Hard Shell Beef Tacos

DRINKS : The Flying Saucer
We topped the night off with a couple beers at the Flying Saucer. The interior is exactly what you would expect from the name. Saucer’s are literally nailed to the walls and ceiling with names or quotes on each. Some of them are very funny and mildly inappropriate, which naturally, is up our alley. To say this bar has a large list of beers is a huge understatement.  The Flying Saucer is famous for its countless number of beers they offer.  Whether you prefer bottled or on tap, sweet, bitter or spicy, they have a beer for you. Honestly, we tried so many different beers, I lost track of which ones we tried.

BREAKFAST : We decided to dine in and make a big home cooked breakfast with our friends. Which was a perfect way to save money while traveling and gave us quality time to catch up.

SIGHTSEEING : Pinnacle Mountain
We wanted to go hiking after breakfast, so our friends took us to Pinnacle Mountain State Park. Pinnacle Mountain is located just west of Little Rock and has about 2,356 acres of land. The mountain peak was larger than I expected and offered a variety of different activities. There are several hiking trails that take off at the base of the mountain, all varying in difficulty. We chose the blue trail, which twists and turns up the mountain. Some areas were definitely more difficult than others. Safe to say, we got our workout in for the day. If you don’t get excited over hiking, there is plenty to do at the base of the mountain which has several large grass fields, playgrounds for kids and picnic tables with places to grill up the perfect cheeseburger.  Below are some tips if it’s your first time there.

  • If the parking lot is full, there is more parking in the grass field across the road.
  • Free Admission for hiking
  • Bring – water bottle, camera, and hiking boots/tennis shoes
  • Bathroom – permanent structure at the base of the mountain near the playground

LUNCH : Lost Brewery
After hiking, we checked out Lost Brewery to reward ourselves with comfort food and beer. The environment was chill and had large communal picnic tables inside, perfect for any size group. Here are some of our favorites.

  • Beer – Day Drinker, Look See, Forest Queen, Love Honey, Lost Forty
  • Food – Smoked jalapeño pimento cheese, Petit Jean bacon cheese dip, Smiley chicken salad


  • Cajun’s Wharf – for dinner, drinks and live music. The artist playing was full of entertainment. He would strut off the stage with a mic in hand and then pop up in the crowd and serenade the people in the audience. Food and drinks were nothing special, a better place for live music and entertainment.  
  • Willy D’s Rock & Roll Piano Bar – Nice place, with your standard dueling piano bar set up.  Plenty of tables and chairs for the majority of the crowd.  If you are trying to shift gears and get your EDM-laser-show-bass-thumpin-booty-shakin’ groove on, the place for you is inside Willy D’s, just take the stairs down one level to arrive in the basement. This lovely enclosement is called “Deep”….haha. Could have been the black lights but it seemed as if the average age of the crowd dropped 10+ years by going from upstairs to downstairs. I recommend having a few shots before venturing into the “Deep.” #notdrunkenough

BRUNCH : Red Door Restaurant
This restaurant easily became one of our favorite brunch places. Red Door offers modern southern cuisine, casual atmosphere and has indoor and outdoor seating. The food and drinks were just what we needed to end a fun weekend in a new city. After we stuffed our faces and slowly started slipping into a deep food coma, it was time to hit the road. We thanked our friends for showing us a great time around Little Rock and headed home.

  • Food – Red Doors Eggs Benedict, Country Breakfast
  • Drinks – Specialty Coffee, Mimosa and Bloody Mary’s





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