Location: Smith Lake Alabama   |   February 10, 2017

In Michigan, I grew up surrounded by clear lakes. During the summer, you would always find our family and friends out on the water. Being on the lake holds so many memories and will forever be my happy place.

So naturally when I moved down to Mississippi, I was excited to scope out some new lakes. What I found was brown, muddy rivers, where you could barely see your hand under the water. To top it off, locals told me that the river I was swimming in all last summer were filled with alligators, human-sized catfish and water moccasins. I couldn’t tell if these were hard facts, or they were just “teasing the Yankee.” Shoot, and to think I use to be afraid of little sunfish biting my toes in Michigan. It was safe to say the quest to find a clear lake was on.

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Location: 13226 Lake Lurleen Road Coker, Alabama

Two of my goals this year, are to get outside more to enjoy nature and to get back into photography. Living in such a digital world now, it’s easy to get distracted with technology and stay inside. I know for myself, I have been guilty of watching way too much Netflix this past year. This is something I think many of us can relate to. Moving to a new place has given me the opportunity to explore and turn my goals for this year into reality. Last weekend was perfect hiking weather, so me and a friend decided to check out some new trails in Alabama. Continue Reading ›